Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does will it take to get my company up and running?

Q: Are your programs easy to learn?

Q: What is the difference between your Lite product and your Cloud or Premise Product? Can I upgrade later?

Q: How can I get a demonstration of your Lite product?

Q: What is the difference between your Premise product and your Cloud Product?

Q: How does your pricing work?

Q: Can I use your program on more than one computer?

Q: I like to work from home on the weekends, can I access my company data from home?

Q: Can Collect! really handle financial tracking, phone call and letter series scheduling, batch account processing, month end billing as well as manage all of my debtor and client information?

Q: I run my business in a very unique way. Can your applications conform to my business?

Q: Is Collect! encrypted?

Q: Do you have a Debtor portal in Collect!?

Q: I see that your application has an Credit Reporting component. What if I don't need that?

Q: Can Collect! handle multiple branch offices for large enterprise collection agencies?

Q: I already have all my client data in an existing program. Do I have to re-enter all that data into your program?

Q: I've never purchased credit and collections management software before, do you help me get up and running?

Q: What is new is version 12? Do I now have to license an installation of Microsoft® SQL Server?

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