Online Payments

Online Payments

Debtors self-cure 24/7 in fully PCI-compliant data environments that let them submit payments, make promises, or enroll in payment plans. Results have proven this solution to be an effective tool for contacting low-balance, early-out, and hard-to-reach debtors.

Collect! partners create custom websites with your company's logo, look, and feel. You need no additional hardware, software, or IT staff. In fact, online debt negotiation reduces your billing staff. You send letters and invite clients to resolve their accounts on the web. In your letter, email or SMS text, you supply your new web address that looks like "" Clients access the site, log on, and see the details of their account.

Available options and repayment terms can be individualized for each debtor in real time. Numerous options and configurations are available depending on your requirements. You receive a complete online-payment solution and all the advanced options you want.

Debtor Negotiation Portal

PayStream Take your ideal online payment environment and combine it with the average consumer's payment preferences and what do you get? PayStream. PayStream is an integrated web portal designed to get your consumers to pay the highest dollar amount while keeping your cost to collect as low as possible. Security, integration, & automation are all key factors in making PayStream your best path to paid.

How can PayStream help you?

  • Start Accepting Payments 24/7
  • Gain Warm Collection Leads
  • Customize Language for Compliance
  • Tailor Payment Options
  • Maintain debtor and client goodwill

In addition to accepting payments in full, PayStream can actually negotiate with the debtor for the highest one-time payment and ongoing payment arrangement, using negotiation rules that you define. You set the minimum amount and payment frequency, and PayStream negotiates a mutually acceptable arrangement with the debtor!

Once an arrangement has been established, PayStream can then automatically process payments on their due dates, by direct debit, debit card, or credit card. PayStream is fully PCS DSS compliant.

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