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The Cloud
Minimize Capital Outlay
The Collect! cloud based hosted solution is all inclusive; the hardware, the applications, the environment, the backups and the maintenance are all taken care of for you. This substantially lowers the cost of getting started, allows you to pay for what you use in the cloud, and enables you to grow without having to reinvest in additional hardware or reconfigure systems that were not properly sized.
Maximize Benefits
There are a number of significant benefits you get automatically from the Collect! Cloud solution. For example, if an office doesn't want to hire expensive technical staff and requires remote access for management or administrative staff, then a cloud based hosted system may be the right solution for the office. In general, the portability, mobility, scalability, and availability of a cloud solution are going to fit collections offices small, medium, and large.
Safe & Stable
Keeping your data on premises can feel safer because an on premise solution is tangible, you can see it and touch it and you feel that the data is "safer" than having it on the cloud. However, a cloud based solution is more secure, more robust, and more scalable.
  • The servers are located at a highly secure data center with conditioned air and conditioned power and redundant everything.
  • Nightly backups stored at an off-site location to ensure that recovery is possible.
  • Highly trained staff that maintains and secures the servers.
" The Collect! cloud based hosted solution has its benefits, such as not having to have a full time IT employee in place."
Derek B., Canada
Maximize Growth
For smaller organizations, choosing the Collect! cloud based hosted product will quickly level the technical playing field with larger collection agencies. The Collect! cloud based hosted solution provides your company with nightly backups, data security, a disaster recovery plan, and access from anywhere an internet connection is available. This allows you to focus your resources on growing your business.
A Collect! cloud based hosted solution offers a means of creating a collection solution at a lower cost of entry; oftentimes at a fraction of the cost of creating a premise based solution. In addition, a Collect! cloud based hosted solution is scalable; you pay for what you use and can readily grow as the business grows.
The Real Cost of Ownership
The fact is the cost of owning a premise-based solution is more than just buying software. You have to acquire hardware, build the network, and then maintain everything. Eighty percent of the total cost of ownership of a premise-based solution happens after the sale of the software. With a cloud solution you have a predictable service - just like electricity. You pay for what you use and when you want to use it, it is always on.
Regulatory Compliance
The Collect! cloud based hosted solution includes a highly secure environment that includes backups, disaster recovery and redundancy. So the individual office really needs to ask where they want to put their resources; growing their business or creating and then managing a premise solution.
Key Benefits
  • Access from any internet connection 24x7 with only a few clicks
  • Faster and easier implementation of Collect!
  • Increase business process efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate upfront costs for additional/supporting systems such as servers, networks, etc.
  • Eliminate costly resources to maintain servers, create back-ups and plans for disaster recovery
  • Automatic software updates without additional costs
  • Allows you to focus on your core business and NOT managing your software
  • Looks and acts exactly like Collect!'s licensed version
  • Highest level of security maintained through a number of industry standard measures
Inclusions and Fees
  • An all inclusive monthly fee per person
  • A small one-time account set up fee is applicable
  • Includes full support and membership package
  • Access to all 1st and 3rd party integrated modules
  • A three month commitment is required and payable up-front
  • A written quote by the sales team will be provided
  • Version Comparison & Pricing - Click Here
" I travel fairly often. Most recently my colleague and I were in Scotland. As long as we had a high-speed internet connection, working from my hotel room was as seamless, quick and dependable as working from my office. "
Derek B., Canada
Secure Systems
  • SAS70 protocols and procedures
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • Physical security
  • Biometric scanning
  • Badge
  • Mantrap entries
  • Security intrusion detection
  • 24/7/365 video surveillance
  • Security guard
Tier III data center
  • Fail-over firewalls
  • Network redundancy
  • Continual system monitoring
  • Solid disaster recovery plan
  • Increased bandwidth (OC-192 connection)
  • Multiple diverse fiber routes
  • N+1 HVAC cooling system
  • Temperature and humidity alarms
  • Multiple facility-based UPS systems
  • 2 commercial feeds into building
  • 3 back up generators with continuous fuel supply
  • TVSS voltage surge protection
Available Editions:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional
  • Professional Plus
  • Corporate
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