Upgrading Collect! to the Latest Version

The latest release of Collect! for Credit and Collection is for you, whatever the size of your business. Collect! Version 12 is designed with many new sales and marketing features, account archiving, faster data access with the Microsoft® SQL Database Engine, sophisticated financials, stronger system security, better account grouping, and user-friendly display enhancements. Collect! is better, stronger and faster for any size collection agency or department. Many enthusiastic Collect! users are benefiting from Collect! now and you can too.

Client Sales and Marketing

Client Screen
Collect! Client Screen
The Client screen features integrated client prospecting with client contacts for fully customizable marketing strategies.
Batch Processing Screen
Collect! Batch Processing Screen
Run fast effective batch processes on many client accounts at once and increase your sales.

Sophisticated Financials

Financial Detail Screen
Collect! Financial Detail Screen
Manage your financing agreements quickly and easily. Collect!'s comprehensive financial management system supports numerous interest modes and payments plans, all supported by a comprehensive results based contact management system.
Transaction Screen
Collect! Transaction Screen
Convenient tabs put all transaction settings and details at your fingertips.

System Security

Account Management

Multi-level security features include encrypted operator ID and password to enter the system. All fields, forms and menus have read/write, read only and no access attributes that you can set to fully control operator access to information.

Operator Screen
Collect! Operator Screen

Collect! uses 128-bit AES encryption for data transmitted between the server and client machines for maximum data protection.
Automatically link accounts based on criteria you select and quickly cascade changes in debtor information to other group members with new advanced matching and grouping options.

Account Matching Setup Screen
Collect! Account Matching Setup Screen

Web Access


Collect!'s Web Host provides state-of-the-art web access to your data. View your accounts while traveling, give your clients real time access to their information, or employ collectors and data entry clerks to work from home using any standard web browser, tablet, or cell phone. You have full control over the look and functionality of this sleek, innovative interface to your Collect! database.

Web Host Debtor Account Screen
Collect! Web Host Debtor Account Screen

Collect!'s dashboard provides real-time graphical and reporting access to your data. View your reports while traveling, give your clients real time access to their reports, and allow collectors and sales staff to view their collection progress using any standard web browser, tablet, or cell phone. You have full control over the look and functionality of this sleek, innovative interface to your Collect! database.

Collct! Dashboard
Collect! Dashboard

User-Friendly Display

Debtor Screen
Collect! Debtor Screen
Full screen windows and extra large fields allow maximum information storage and viewing ease. Tabs take you quickly to all related information so you are always in control.
Work In Progress Screen
Collect! Work In Progress Screen
Collect!'s user-friendly To Do List gives operators instant access to all the information they need to work effectively and efficiently.


Always with your continued satisfaction in mind, Collect! Version 12 integrates sophisticated multi-user contact management for both debtors and clients, financial tracking, batch letter printing, data import and export, flexible reporting, integrated web access, client billing, credit bureau reporting and much more on a proven, reliable database platform.

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Collect! Version 8 to Version 12 Feature Comparison Chart

NOTE: Your hardware must be appropriate for your system load. | Standard Standard Component | Optional Optional Component
Feature Version 8 Version 11 Version 12
Work in Progress List for Managing Accounts Standard Standard Standard
Automatic Payment Management Standard Standard Standard
Customizable Letters & Reports Standard Standard Standard
Account Matching & Grouping Standard Standard Standard
Batch Processing Standard Standard Standard
Customize Fields, Forms, Menus, and Security Standard Standard Standard
Variable Commission Rate Plans Standard Standard Standard
Integrated Maintenance Functions including Hot Backup Standard Standard Standard
Online Help Pages integrated into Collect! Standard Standard Standard
Import/Export Module Optional Optional Optional
Credit Bureau Reporting (Metro 2) Optional Optional Optional
Skip Tracing And Scoring Optional Optional Optional
Auto Dialer   Optional Optional
Integrated Voice Broadcasting   Optional Optional
Fully Integrated Electronic Payment Processing   Optional Optional
Account Archiving   Optional Optional
Letter Service Outsourcing   Optional Optional
Predictive Dialer Link   Optional Optional
Schedule Recurring Events, Tasks & Transactions to Run Automatically   Optional Optional
Database Change History   Optional Optional
Create Multiple Autonomous Databases   Optional Optional
Client Management   Standard Standard
Fully Integrated Web Interface for Clients & Operators   Standard Standard
ODBC/SQL/PERL/JDBC Interfaces   Standard Standard
Run Collect! in 64-bit Mode     Standard
Manage Promises on Groups     Standard
Link your Operator ID to your Domain Account     Standard
Run SQL Queries from Report Writer     Standard
Customize Form and Menu Colors     Standard
Live Database Replication or Offsite Backup     Optional
Collect! Dashboard with Microsoft's Reporting Services     Optional
Maximum Number of Concurrent Users 32 Maximum Unrestricted Unrestricted
Maximum Number of Accounts 32,000,000 Unrestricted Unrestricted
*Purchased Modules will come across at no additional charge
RMA RMA Canada ACA Member