Collect! Customer Testimonials

“ The Collect! Task Scheduler has significantly reduced the number of behind-the-scenes tasks that we run everyday. ” Scott P., Brisbane
“ The Collect! Task Scheduler saves time, frees up resources, and helps our collectors focus on collecting money for our clients. ” Scott P., Brisbane
“ We are always adding tasks to the Task Scheduler and recommend it for anyone who has regular reporting needs from Collect! ” Scott P., Brisbane
“ Collect! has proven to be an extremely reliable and user-friendly system which has improved our collection performance. ” Frank M., Auckland
“ Instantly importing our debtor data has saved us significant processing time. It's quick and very easy to use. ” Peter J., Brisbane
“ Customized enhancements and additional reporting functions are a major benefit ” Frank S., USA
“ Technical Support is second to none. ” Frank S., USA
“ Everything you need is right there on the Debtor screen ” Frank S., USA
“ You can execute almost every available option without leaving the Main Menu ” Frank S., USA
“ Its features in grouping debtors/persons are very helpful for our business. ” Ken W., Hong Kong
“ Collect! is the software we used to start our debt collections business in 1999 ... now we are using about 100 licenses. ” Ken W., Hong Kong
“ We have used Collect for over 10 years. ” Peter H., Gold Coast
“ We know what other collection software is available - and we chose Collect! ” Peter H., Gold Coast
“ Collect! provides our collectors and management with every tool that we need - and more!! ” Peter H., Gold Coast
“ Our clients are delighted with Collect's reporting and ease of secure web access to their accounts. ” Peter H., Gold Coast
“ Support is first class!! ” Peter H., Gold Coast
“ We use Web Host as a selling tool. Within one month of selling Web Host we more than tripled the number of clients ” Norma B., USA
“ Your claims and promises have been truthful and upfront. That makes doing business with you a pleasure. ” Paul S., USA
“ We have over 100 clients logging into Web Host and we average around 100 new accounts per day - input by our clients! What a savings in man-hours. ” Norma B., USA
“ We are so grateful to your staff and your product for helping to make our business grow. ” Judy A., USA
“ We highly recommend the software and the superb support. ” Penny P., Canada
“ You and your staff have made the conversion much easier than expected. ” Paul S., USA
“ We have used the Collect! program for the last nine years, and find it a "Must Have" for any Collection Agency. ” Penny P., Canada

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