Support Policies and Procedures

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Support Hours

  • Standard support hours are 9:00am to 8:00pm North American Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday to Friday.
  • After hours, on weekends, and on certain holidays, we have emergency support available for our Collect! Members at an additional charge.

Contacting the Technical Services Team:

  • Collect! Members are provided priority.
  • We need your name and company name, your version of Collect! (Use "Help" > "About" to find), all relevant information concerning the request or problem including the exact wording of any error messages, and the Support Ticket Classification (see below for definitions).
  • Ways to contact us (in order of preference):
    • Via our Online Member Resource Center. For fastest response, and for emergency after hours support, Collect! Members should generate a Support Ticket online. Go to the Member Center, select the "Support Portal", and select the "Submit Tickets" button. Provide a detailed description of your problem and the Support Ticket Classification. These inquiries are handled first by our Team.

      You will receive an automated response with a case tracking number within a few minutes, and a Technical Support Technician will contact you shortly thereafter. The status of your Ticket(s) can be viewed online: see "Tracking Your Support Tickets" below for details.
    • Via Email to Please provide a clear description of your issue or request. Please use a descriptive subject line and state the Suppor Ticket Classification level. You will receive an automated response with a case tracking number within a few minutes.
    • Via Telephone at 250-391-0466. If you are in Australia/New Zealand/Asia you can use the direct line at +61 7 5630 6517. If a technician is not available, please leave a message and your call will be returned, and we will schedule a time for a Technician to discuss your issue. Please do not call if you have already submitted a support request, as duplicate cases slow our responsiveness.


  • After hours emergency support is available for Collect! Members, at an additional charge.
  • Please go to the Member Center, select the "Support Portal", and select the "Submit Tickets" button.
  • Fill out a detailed description of your problem, the exact wording of error messages, and set the priority level to "Critical". These inquiries are handled first by our Team.

Support Ticket Classifications:

Tell us how urgent your need is, which will also affect our estimate of charges.

  • Critical. Collect! software is inaccessible and outage causing major impact to critical business operations.
  • High. Client is experiencing problem which, if not addressed immediately, may cause additional operational problems.
  • Medium. Client is experiencing noticeable problems but can still perform most operations.
  • Low. Client requires information, installation or configuration assistance, or deferred maintenance. Operations otherwise unaffected.

Timelines for Support Case Resolution

  • While many issues are resolved quickly, some may take several hours to several days to resolve depending on complexity, scope, staffing and availability of information.
  • Whenever possible, Technical Support team members will work with you to schedule work events at the most convenient times possible.
  • If you have a specific deadline on a project requiring our Support Services, please identify this date to us as quickly as possible.

Tracking Your Support Tickets

  • Questions about the status and progress of your Support Tickets can be done by logging into the Member Center, clicking the "Support Portal", and the "View Tickets" button.
  • You may view "Opened" and recently "Closed" Support Tickets, read the details about the issue, track interactions and correspondence, review Technical Support Staff comments and add your own comments ("Post Reply"), and view the Support Ticket's current status.

Remote Assistance

  • With your permission, our Technical Support technician can access your Collect! installation directly. This requires a small software utility to be downloaded and installed.
  • Your Technical Support technician will let you know if this is an appropriate option to address your issue.

Technical Support Billing

We will provide an estimate of technical support charges prior to any services being delivered.

  • We provide different rates for technical support based on whether the client is a Collect! Member or a non-Member.
  • We have a fifteen minute minimum charge per issue.
  • Emergency and after hours support is billed at a higher rate.
  • When your support ticket is closed, the number of minutes that were actively spent solving your problem will be indicated on your invoice.
  • Invoices are generated after the technical support is delivered to the client.

Supported Versions

  • To save you time and money, please upgrade to the current release of Collect!. Ask us how to help.
  • Collect! versions lower than 8.0 are no longer supported by our Comtech technical team.
  • Any issues with versions older than the current release may be responded to with a request to upgrade to the current release.

Support for Custom Reports and Import/Export Maps

  • Comtech's Technical Support must review all requests for custom-built reports, formulas and/or data import and export maps.
  • The review will determine the time and cost of building custom solutions to meet your unique requirements.
  • We recommend that clients who want to investigate custom reporting and import / export maps on their own review the on-line training videos in the Member Center.

Database Uploads

  • Troubleshooting issues with Collect! may require an examination of our client's database, and our Technical Support may request that our clients provide us a backup of their database.
  • Our team has access to technologies that permit thorough database analysis and issue diagnosis.
  • We place a premium on security and confidentiality and assure our clients that we will never share, sell or distribute any information within a client's database without expressed written consent from that Collect! client.
  • Please contact us before sending us a database so that we may advise secure methods of transport.

Right to Refuse Support

  • Comtech reserves the right to refuse technical support assistance to any client.

Providing Us Feedback

  • Clients are our lifeblood.
  • We want to provide you with the best possible service and want your feedback.
  • Please complete the Feedback Survey we distribute shortly after each support ticket is closed.
  • Your voice matters. We will review your feedback and use it to improve our support efforts.
  • Compliments and kudos are also appreciated and can be sent anytime to

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. If you do not have a membership plan in place, please click here to get a quote.


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